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Consult with us and learn about your education

Navigating the world of academia isn't easy, and figuring out how to pay for it isn't either. At Spike Consulting, we specialize in helping people figure out how to do everything from filling out forms to paying for schooling. Let us help you!

What are your academic concerns?

Do you have particular concerns when it comes to your education? Are you unsure where to turn for help? Spike Consulting can assist you with nearly anything education-related..

What we can do for you?

Spike Consulting professionals love to help people find the money for tuition. We also enjoy walking people through the registration process. Let us do that for you. We excel in making sure your questions about school are answered and you understand what you need to succeed.

"I am happy to recommend your services to anyone who is considering college." - Scott W.


Spike Consulting specializes in college planning and educational



The company’s founder, Gary McCammon earned his MBA in 2007 and began education consulting in 2004.

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