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Is your family losing sleep over how to afford sending you to college?

Spike Consulting excels in helping people find their way through the college process. We can help you get started, or provide support for you along the way in your educational journey. When you have questions about your college education, we can help you find answers.

Finding money for college

If you need help figuring out how you are going to pay for your tuition, we can connect you with the proper resources. We know a lot about tuition payment plans and related topics!

Take the first step

Is your family struggling to send you to college? If the answer is yes, call Spike Consulting to help guide you through the process. We assist clients in college planning, tuition payment plans and more. Call Spike Consulting, because with the right plan, everyone succeeds!

College Planning Education Consulting

Stressed over how to afford college?

Spike College Planning helps all families

and students successfully navigate the

college selection process in the most costeffective manner.

"Thank you very much...for working with us to help us to stay out of the college debt pitfalls!"     - Scott W.

Spike Consulting specializes in college planning and educational



The company’s founder, Gary McCammon earned his MBA in 2007 and began education consulting in 2004.


·  Strategies to lower your EFC- Expected Family Contribution.

·  4, 5, & 6-year graduation rates for your top five colleges.

·  Tips on getting the best education for the best price.

  Side-by-side comparsion of your top five colleges.

·  Detailed admission requirements and demographics

  including number of applicants, their high school class

  ranks, their SAT scores, and many others.

For more information and

to set up a consultation meeting

contact Gary McCammon, MBA

410-218-2736 or

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